Mundine vs Clottey Live Boxing Online

Mundine vs Clottey Live Boxing Online

Anthony Mundine vs Joshua Clottey Live Boxing event is the talk of the town for Australian boxing fans. Both the boxers are well prepared for the event as the match is going on floors on April 9, 2014. I am sure you guys are searching for a proper media to watch Mundine vs Clottey Live Boxing match Online. We are doing the job for you. Our website is dedicated to bring you Mundine vs Clottey Live Boxing coverage. The added advantage is that you will be updated of minute by minute changes and buildups through our website on timely basis.

Mundine vs Clottey Live

Mundine vs Clottey Live Boxing: Who Stands Where

If you check the records of these two individuals, they are no mugs with the gloves on. Mundine has an impressive record of 27 Knockouts in the 46 Matches that he fought. Joshua Clottey is the upcoming star with the record of 22 Knockouts in total 37 fights that he appeared in. The previous fights of these two have also been impressive. Mundine defeated Moseley and Clottey did well to stop Calvin Green. This makes their face-off even more impressive. You can watch Mundine vs Clottey Live boxing bout from our streaming links. The fight for ultimate prize will be nothing short than exciting.

Mundine vs Clottey Live: The Venue

The fight will go on live on the date of April 9, 2014. Both players will face each other in New Castle Entertainment Center, Broadmeadow, New South Wales, Australia. All the Australian boxing fans will be turning up in heaps. If you haven’t booked your place at the stadium yet, our website is here to provide you Mundine vs Clottey Live Stream Boxing Online. Whether it is PC or a Mac or even an iPhone, we are here with our grabber to provide you Anthony Mundine vs Joshua Clottey Live Stream Online in HD. Like our facebook Page for more updates.

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